The Alternate Energy Study Group is subgroup of the Oakville Green Think Tank.

As such our mandate is to be a focus for expertise and a resource for all things related to alternate energy.

As we transition through the peak in oil and gas production and climate change issues come more in focus, the question of energy becomes central to the debate. Alternate energy is a broad brush which encompasses all energy sources and energy currencies which will need to be added to our mix as we go forward into the future. We need to be civil in our debates and keep an open mind as we explore all the options. We need to keep sustainability and preservation of our environment as one of our guiding principles as we do our research and make our recommendations and choices.

This wiki site is our virtual workspace. While it is viewable as a webpage it represents our work in progress. As such things may not be always optimally organized and orderly.

Having said that, we will endeavour to transfer our polished material to the main Oakville Green website as appropriate.

We are all volunteers with an interested and/or expertise in the alternate energy field. If you would like to join as a contributor we'd love to have your input.

We maintain two tools to help us communicate and collaborate.

a) this wiki (editable website)
b) an email mailing list

You can signup with wikidot and we'll give you editing privileges on the wiki site.

To subscribe to the mailing list you simply compose a completely blank email (no subject, no text) and send it to the Yahoo Groups address that you can get from Liz at Oakville Green (we do this to avoid spammers).


Oakville Green website

Links to action at local level

Links to info about biofuels

Links to information about cogeneration systems

Links to information about solar systems

Links to information about climate change

Links to info on Peak Oil

Miscellaneous links that don't fit into any of the above categories

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